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starbucks wednesday on friday

August 29, 2008

I love going to Starbucks and not because I love their coffee.  I am a tea drinker.  Give me a Starbucks chai tea latte and I am happy.  There is also a social aspect of Starbucks that I enjoy.

I decided to go on a Starbucks budget a while back.  I may love chai lattes, but my budget isn’t too fond of them.  I went to one latte a week.  This worked for about a week.  Pretty soon I was rationalizing having “one latte a week” several times a week.  The monthly allotment that was loaded on my Starbucks card dwindled quickly.  Thus began Starbucks Wednesday.  I chose one day a week that I was allowed to go to Starbucks.  Wednesday was the optimal choice: it gives me that mid-week boost to get me through to the weekend.  Starbucks Wednesday has worked very well and the baristas at my local Starbucks always remember what day of the week it is when I walk in.

This summer, I had to cut sugar, dairy and black tea from my diet for medical reasons.  I was devastated: no chai lattes!  Starbucks was my weekly treat – I couldn’t eliminate my one indulgence.  Plus if I stopped going, I would miss seeing all my Starbucks friends.  This is where the social aspect comes in.  I have been going to the Starbucks that is around the corner from my office since I started working there three years ago.  I enjoy bantering with baristas as we share weekly tid-bits of our lives.  They greeted me with a smile and a shake of the head this past winter when I braved bitterly cold temperatures, wind and/or snow on Starbucks Wednesdays.  I know they appreciated my dedication, and I couldn’t let them down now.  So I started drinking green tea.  It’s not bad and it is easy on the budget.  It is so easy on the budget that I find I have a lot more money left on my Starbucks card at the end of the month.

And that is why today found me at the counter for the second time this week.  It is a misty, melancholy day here in West Michigan – a great day to walk the streets of downtown with a hot cup of tea.  I was cheered by my good friends at Starbucks.  They helped put an extra bounce in my step!  The caffeine in the tea probably helped with that too.  Also the kinesio tape the doc put on my injured foot…

Anyhow, hurray for Starbucks Wednesday on Friday!!

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