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September 1, 2008

“Cecilia?”  Jessica, my roommate, said gently – it was 1:45 am.

I was somewhere in between asleep and awake, so I responded rather quickly with a mumbled acknowledgment.

“Um… there’s a bat in our room,” she nervously informed me.

“AUGHHHHH!” I screamed.  It was the first scream of the night and there were more to come.  My roommates and I had been battling bats for a few weeks now, but this was no ordinary bat.  If ever there was a bat out of hell, it was this one.  It was flying lower than any of the other bats that infiltrated our apartment, heading this way then that like a bat possessed.

There we were, Jessica with her jacket over her head and me with the covers over mine, screaming every time the thing dive-bombed my bed.  It was brave Jessica who said we needed to make a run for it.  She suggested grabbing our pillows and sleeping in the living room.  Off she went to carry out the plan.  I meanwhile stayed under the covers, peeking out every so often only to see the bat come flying at me.  I would scream and cover up.  It took FOREVER for me to work up the courage to leave, but I did, with my pillow protecting me.  We shut the door to the penthouse bedroom and were able to breathe again.

Jessica and I settled ourselves on the couches and told the story to our other roommate, Emily, who didn’t hear us screaming but heard us come downstairs.  Jessica and I talked for a while to calm down.

All of a sudden she said, “It’s downstairs: I just saw it in the hallway!”

This time I was in disbelief: “Are you serious? ”  And then I heard the nauseating sound of the bat’s wings.  While the bat was in the hall, Jessica and I came up with a plan to crawl under our blankets into the kitchen and open the door to the balcony in hopes that it would fly out.  But then the bat flew into the living room.  It was the most agressive bat I have ever seen – flying low, then high.  It was almost frantic.

To go over the play-by-play would take too long, plus I am not sure I could accurately remember what happened next.  I spent most of it under my blanket paralyzed in fear or screaming.  At one point the bat landed on my head before landing on Jessica.  I felt like I was in a horror flick, and I hate horror movies.

We ended up making a beeline for Emily’s room, after she opened the back door.  We called every one we could think of who would be awake at 2:30am, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone.  So we had a slumber party in Emily’s room, barricading the bottom of the door with a towel to be on the safe side.  I thought I would never fall asleep.  It took a while before I stopped shaking and my heart stopped racing.

The next morning there was no sign of the bat.  We are praying it flew out the open door.  Our landlord had given us something to plug in that is supposed to keep the bats away.  We didn’t think it worked, but when we called our landlord he informed us that the device sends a signal though the wiring in the house that irritates the bats and we should expect to see heightened activity for a few days.  The noise drives them from their hiding places and eventually outside.  He said it makes them crazy, which would explain why the bat was so aggressive.

What a dramatic kickoff to the holiday weekend.  I really hope this was our last encounter with the bat out of hell.

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  1. Rian Malynn permalink
    September 1, 2008 9:51 pm

    Hey Cecilia! I am loving the blogging you are doing. This actually looks like a fun way to keep everyone up on the goings ons…

    It sounds like your ankle is better, I am glad for that, it was hard to believe, you just always seemed graceful to me. But then you said you pushed yourself and that fit.

    I hope there are no more incidents with those darn bats! I have only come across one and that was when I was a little girl and us girls (my sis, cousins and I) hid in the living room while Uncle Steve or Aunt Mel resuced us. Creepy things. Funny thing though, they only creep me out in closed spaces. I love watching them fly at dusk.

    Yeah for Starbucks Wednesday on Fridays! Always a good thing.

    You look beautiful in the pictures of you dancing. Well, keep writing. I love it! Looking forward to more, Love and Huggs Ry

  2. Felipa Schwartz permalink
    September 2, 2008 9:39 pm

    I’m praying that those bats are a thing of the past. Looking forward to seeing you and Rita dance on Sunday. I like your Blog. And I could see the picture this time. Nice pictrues.

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