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September 16, 2008

I walked to work yesterday for the first time since my foot injury in mid-August.  How I had missed that quiet time in the morning with just my thoughts for company.  Early morning is a very productive time for me – my mind is fresh and full of hope and excitement for the coming day and its endless possibilities.  I always have a lot on my mind and everything I’ve been contemplating the last few days seems to require extra thought and prayer.  I am thankful I can start walking every day and actually have time to process the happenings of my life.

I missed the exercise too.  Walking two miles every day really helped me keep up with all the girls at dance class, all of whom are at least nine years younger than I.  As much as people will deny it, things don’t work the same at twenty-nine as they did at nineteen.  The extra cardio workout of a daily walk helped lessen the gap.  I’ve noticed a difference in my dancing this month that I’ve had a limited cardio workout.  I am anxious to get my workout back to where it was pre-injury.  Don’t worry, I know I have to continue to take it easy so I don’t overwork my still healing ligaments.

I am enjoying the milder temperatures of September.  My walk home wasn’t as long as I remembered back in August.  We’ll see how long I keep walking as the temps begin to drop.  Anyone want to make a guess as to when I’ll wimp out and start driving again?

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