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back in the game

September 20, 2008

What a glorious day yesterday!  I walked around downtown at lunch because the weather was too beautiful to stay cooped up inside.  I wish we could have had this kind of weather last weekend, but there isn’t anything I can do to change the past.  All I have is the present moment, and I will enjoy it for what it is.  That is what I did yesterday afternoon walking the city streets.

I stopped briefly at the bookstore as I made my way through sun-filled roads.  I wandered around for a while before finding myself in the sports section.  I had to smile.  Just the other day I realized that I have been so distracted by dancing, festivals and mariachis that I haven’t been a good sports fan.  I was a little distressed at my lack of knowledge regarding the current season of my all-time favorite sport, college football.

Standing before all those books and their vast contents of sports made me realize how much I enjoy any and all sport (except race car driving – it makes me dizzy).  Many people are shocked when they find out that I enjoy sports.  Then they find humor in the fact that this petite, feminine young woman they just met is very passionate about her football teams.  There is something about the physical and mental competition I find thrilling, whether it’s watching football, hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball and even golf.  (I honestly enjoy watching golf, esp. with my Grandpa.)  I am looking forward to getting back into a football season routine where Saturday’s plans revolve around the Buckeyes and the Irish.

I left the bookstore with a few titles to add to my reading list and a renewed excitement for college football.  Now that I’m not so distracted, perhaps my boys will step up their game.*

*I am a passionate fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes and Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish.  I am aware of these teams’ rivals.  Comments are always welcome, but this is not a place to engage in trash-talking.

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