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a powerful message

September 28, 2008

My sister sent me this link and I debated on whether or not to post it.  There are powerful and graphic images that are difficult to watch, very difficult to watch.

This is a YouTube video by Eduardo Verastegui, producer and lead actor of Bella.  It is in Spanish and as most if not all of my readers speak English, here is the subtitled version.  (The subtitled version is only the speaking parts, while non-subtitled version shows the video in its entirety.)

So why post this?  Well as Mr. Verastegui says in the video, it is not propaganda – it is truth.  This information is important not just to the Spanish speaking community but to all of us.  It is not easy to share this message nor is it easy to hear, but it needs to be done.  I give Mr. Verastegui a lot of credit for acting upon his convictions and speaking truth.  It takes courage to make such a bold stand against a popular and widely accepted evil, such as abortion.

During these 40 Days, we continue to pray for those who are confused by the pro-choice propaganda.  We pray that we would be overcome with compassion, mercy and love for them and that they will come to know and recognize God’s love for them.  We also pray for those who, like Eduardo Verastegui, are taking a visible stand for life that God will give them strength, courage and boldness.

UPDATE: A full English version is available at

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