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i think i have a fever…

September 28, 2008

I never thought this day would come, but it has.  I want to start running again.  This is a red letter day, reader, because I am a professed non-runner.  For years I have found excuses not to run.  This summer, when I was trying to decide what to do for conditioning, my roommate, Emily, suggested I run.  I don’t know why I agreed to it, but I started running.

Emily is a runner – she ran a 25k earlier this year and several other races, and she is currently training for a half marathon.  She is very disciplined in her training which was a huge help.  We would get up at 5AM a couple of days a week to run our mile loop.  Sometimes Emily would continue running so she could get in four or five more miles, while I would drag myself home.

I had to stop running at the onslaught of my plantar fasciitis injury.  It takes a long time to heal and I am not fully recovered, but I miss running.  (Quick, check my temperature.  I don’t feel feverish, but I think I am delirious.)  Who would have ever thought I would learn to like going for a run?

I tried getting on the stationary bike that my parents have as an alternative, but it just doesn’t work for me.  I got bored sitting there (yes I was pedaling but I wasn’t going anywhere).  Plus it was hard for me to pace myself on the bike.

I guess that means I’ll have to start running again.  I am at a point in the healing process that I could run, but if I am going to run I’ll have to buy new shoes.  My current shoes are probably six or seven years old.  They didn’t get much use until this year, but they are old none the less.  And I need to have good shoes because of my injury.  Hurray – I love new shoes!

Well Emily, I hope you are proud of me.  I don’t think you will be able to talk me into a race, but at least I’m running!  I am still a professed non-runner – I am only running as conditioning for dancing.  Still… I think I’ll go take care of this fever and see how I feel about running tomorrow.

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