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the return of the scarf

September 30, 2008

Wait – what happened to September?  Did I miss it?  It seems only yesterday I stood at the entrance to September with excitement and anticipation for what the month would bring.  And here I am looking over the horizon at the quickly approaching October.

I know September is ending because the temperature dropped and I actually wore a sweater today.  Now, those who know me may be saying, “Cecilia, don’t you usually wear a sweater?.”  To which I will answer, “Yes, but this is a winter sweater.”  During summer, I grab a light button-up sweater as I run out the door.  I get cold easily, especially in air conditioning.  Today’s sweater is a pullover and part of my ensemble.  If my neck and shoulders get cold, which is prone to happen, I can’t throw a button-up sweater on.  Well I could, but it would look bulky and awkward.

And so the scarf returns.  I have a small collection of scarves that I wear from the time the temperature drops around October through April and sometimes into May.  You would be amazed at the difference one little scarf makes when trying to stay warm.  I know a lot of people are wearing scarves these days, as is the trend, but I’ve been wearing scarves for years, which is why I have a small collection.  It is more than just fashion for me: it’s practical fashion.  I have to admit: I am excited to wear a scarf again!

October approaches, bringing with it cooler autumn temperatures and the September of days quickly gone bids farewell.

I am going to make a conscious effort not to get distracted this coming month and to live every moment to the full.  Maybe that will help it last longer.  I’m sure the extra day in October will help too.

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