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standing vigil 2.0: the women of jerusalem

October 4, 2008

I stood outside the abortion mill yesterday with Jane and Mary meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries.  As we prayed, I began to see a parallel between the three of us and the women of Jerusalem who wept for Christ as He carried His cross.  Jane, Mary and I stood at the edge of the lawn looking at the place where the innocent are put to death.  Our hearts cried out for those whose cries will never be heard.  In the same way, the women of Jerusalem stood at the foot of the cross weeping for the innocent Blood that was shed.

The image of Christ crucified was in the forefront of my mind.  There was a moment when that image merged with what I saw in front of me: the plain, ugly building serving as the hill at the top of which stood Christ on the cross.  It was as if Jesus, broken and torn, looked down from the cross through the roof at the women inside.  When He cried out “Father, why have you forsaken me?”, He was speaking to those women, telling them He knows what it is to be abandoned, alone and confused.  There was pain in His face and compassion in His eyes.

And there we stood, Mary, Jane and myself, praying and begging God for mercy, forgiveness and healing for all who set foot in that building.  The women of Grand Rapids stood just as the women of Jerusalem did.  We received strange looks as people passing by who were most likely asking themselves why we even care.  Someone shouted for us to go home, as I am sure the Roman soldiers told the women following Christ with His cross.  But we stayed to offer our love to the crucified Christ and the innocent lives that were ended yesterday.

I went to the clinic to pray on Tuesday night, and God put it on my heart to pray for a woman named Julie.  I have no idea who Julie is, whether she is contemplating an abortion, assisting in an abortion, has had an abortion or is a child being aborted, but I prayed for her.  As I continued praying the rosary, the name Hannah kept popping into my head, so I prayed for her too.  I’ve been praying for them all week.  Yesterday, I felt called to pray for Sara.

So now I am praying for three women, Julie, Hannah and Sara.  I may not know them, but I have felt their sorrow and wept for them.  I pray that they would find comfort and peace in the merciful, forgiving arms of God the Father.  I ask that you would join me in praying for these women, whoever they are, wherever they are.

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