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October 6, 2008

Cecilia 2, Angelica and I headed down to Notre Dame for the Stanford game on Saturday.  We didn’t have tickets, but that didn’t matter.  Being on campus for game day was enough incentive to get up early, throw on several layers of clothes including our ND gear, put together a lunch, and drive for two hours.  I told you we love our boys!

We had a fabulous time!  The frigid morning turned into a mild afternoon – perfect for football.  We roamed the campus, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells of the Notre Dame Football Experience.  Here are some highlights of our day:

– Running across campus to see the band march by, only to be faked-out.  The band was celebrating its 100th anniversary and the returning members marched through first.

– Cecilia 2 got to see a priest she knew when she was at St. Mary’s.

– Bumping into the Vereecke family.

– Watching the current band march through campus

– Getting distracted during the game by the horses whose race was being covered on a different channel and spending the rest of the night thinking of really interesting names for our imaginary horses:

  • TharSheBlows (Ang)
  • There’sAMoonOutTonight (Cecilia2)
  • AlwaysFreshCoffee (Cecilia 2)
  • Exit 7 (Me)
  • MyShip’sComeIn (Cecilia 2)
  • DamnTheTorpedos (Cecilia 2) (I know I didn’t have many – I was concentrating on driving, which explains why mine had to do with the road I was watching.

– THE GAME!!!  Not bad, boys, not bad.  Although we were kind of nervous in the fourth quarter…

– The bagpiper that came in to Legends (where we watched the game) and played during commercials.  I would have gotten up to dance, but Rose wasn’t there to dance with me!

– All those touchdowns!!!  I love touchdowns, but only for my teams.  I am rather selfish in that respect.

– And last but not least, stopping at the grotto to pray.

Yes, it was a good day: faith, football, family and friends, with a victory on top!  What more could a girl ask for?

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  1. mariangrace permalink
    October 7, 2008 9:22 am

    Cecilia, do you remember a very long time ago, I believe like ten years ago, we went down to Notre Dame to see Matt Vereecke in a play? Reading your post made me think of that.

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