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cecilia bedelia goes to a marathon

October 21, 2008

Notice I didn’t say I ran in a marathon, I said I went to a marathon – the Grand Rapids Marathon.

Sunday I left the house in the wee small hours of the morning.  I soon found myself at the Gazelle Sports aid station leaning over a table pouring water into an endless supply of cups until the table looked like a blue three-tiered wedding cake.  It was a masterpiece.  It wasn’t until the aid station was ready and we stood around waiting for the first runners that I realized how cold it was.  The weather was perfect for the runners, but not so much for the volunteers.  My hands were frozen solid after handing over countless cups to the thirsty runners.

It was great fun, which is why I let Emily (who ran the half marathon) talk me into helping out.  Our ‘Mile Eight’ station was at the edge of Kent Trails.  It was a beautiful location!  The wind would blow and a light shower of leaves would fall gently around us.

I saw a few people I knew run by, including Emily (great job!!), and tried to cheer them on between my chattering teeth and concentrating on the water hand-off.  It took a lot of concentration due to the numbness.

It was my first marathon.  I really should have trained more (or found waterproof gloves).  All in all it was inspiring to see people accomplish 26.2 miles (or 13.1).  But I’m still not inspired enough to run a race of any distance!

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