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standing vigil 5.0: through the noise

October 27, 2008

I was disappointed on Thursday night when I arrived at the abortion clinic to find an empty sidewalk.  I know it is not easy to fill every hour of the day for forty days, but I was still surprised.

I had decided to stop by the clinic after dance practice as I had the last several Thursdays.  The nights had gradually grown colder, but that didn’t bother me.  I was mostly concerned with standing alone, all five feet one inch of me, in the dark.  My roommates were gone so I called an acquaintance who lives up the street from the clinic.  Dan was there within ten minutes.  Having someone else there gave me peace of mind.  My dad, the safety guy, always stressed ‘safety in numbers’.

Dan and I stood on the sidewalk that dark, cold night and prayed the rosary as unconcerned traffic whizzed by.  Cars, buses and trucks barreled up and down the hill at regular intervals.  At times the noise was overwhelming and I couldn’t hear myself as I prayed out loud, much less Dan.  As the engines faded into the distance, our voices emerged, our prayers never wavering: the meditative rhythm of the rosary allowed us to continue through the noise.

How often are our voices drowned out by the noise of Planned Parenthood and those of the pro-choice influence?  It seems almost constant!  They raise such a ruckus, we have a hard time hearing our individual voices sound the opposition.  In those times it is easy to feel alone and isolated in the fight for life.  But, my friends, we have broken through!  Not only can we hear each other’s prayers over the hushed pro-choice camp, it was our efforts the last thirty some odd days that forced the silence.  They have retreated and are likcing their wounds, but God has won a victory!

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