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October 28, 2008

My dad is a Safety/Environmental Specialist.  Growing up, everything was about safety.  It was not an environment that made us fearful of trying new things; we were simply more aware of the risks involved than most kids our age.  As an adult, I constantly see the safety influence in my life.  There have been many times my sister, Rose, and I have witnessed something and turned to each other saying “That is so not safe!” or “That really does not look safe.”  We are our father’s daughters!

The other day, Dad told us that he uses his kids in his training classes, particularly the one about wearing ear protection.  He tells his trainees about how my two brothers would whine and protest whenever they had to mow the front yard with their ear protection, which were big, bulky ear muffs.  And then he tells of his four daughters:

“We live in Michigan: we hunt in our family.  All my daughters have been taught how to handle a gun*.  In fact, they could probably pop you off one by one, and I guarantee they will be wearing their ear protection while they’re shooting!!!”

And that we could, too!  Well in all honesty, my sister, Angie-get-your-gun (aka Angie Oakley), is the only one who can consistently hit the bulls eye.  Rita isn’t too off target: she has gotten one or two bulls eyes.  The two youngest sisters put the two oldest ones to shame! Rose and I can handle a gun safely, but taking aim, shooting and hitting a target is not our strong point.  We can take aim and we can shoot, but we can’t seem to hit the target.  This makes for a great time when using clay pigeons.

Rose: PULL!

Rose: Ooo, I hit that one!

Uncle Greg: Nope

Rose: Didn’t you see it break?

Uncle Greg: The pigeon hit a tree branch.

Rose: Oh.  PULL!

Rose: Hey!  I got that one good!

Uncle Greg: Nope.  That was another tree.

Rose: Oh.  Did I hit any?

Uncle Greg: Nope.

I wasn’t much better, although the last time I practiced at Grandpa’s shooting range I wasn’t too bad (I actually hit the target!).

I am so glad we can provide amusement to Dad’s training class, even if he did embellish Rose’s and my shooting records a bit.  At least he didn’t have to embellish Angie Oakley’s & Rita’s records.

*We all know how to handle a gun, but none of the girls hunt.  All that sitting still and no talking isn’t much incentive.  We prefer target shooting.

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  1. October 28, 2008 4:47 pm

    I can totally picture the converstation between Rose and my Dad. I love it!

  2. Safety Guy permalink
    October 29, 2008 7:44 pm

    Some safety guys are the belt and suspender type – you can’t be too safe, you know. Other safety guys are the belt or suspender type – safe enough. Belt and suspender type guys would never allow their children to handle firearms, let alone their daughters. Belt or suspender guys know that having the knowledge and practice to properly handle and shoot firearms is actually safer.

    In addition to being good shots, I also told the trainees that my daughters are beautiful girls – they had the good sense to look like their mother. Mis hijas son muy bellas – se aparecen su madre.

    This example of the necessity to wear hearing protection at home when participating in noisy recreation always brings chuckles from the trainees whether en inglés o español.

  3. mariangrace permalink
    October 31, 2008 1:59 pm

    I am right with you when it comes to knowing how to handle guns. My dad hunts, and even though his guns are always locked up, he has made sure my siblings and I know how to use it. All of us have been to range or hit targets up at the cabin. My dad always said “eliminate the curiosity before it kills the cat.” You get the drift…

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