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cecilia bedelia goes to the big apple

November 3, 2008

I mentioned that the first leg of my journey to the east coast was made with Amanda and Kara, even though we were all going to different places.  Well, the second leg of the journey sent us by train to New York City.  At Penn Station, Kara went on her way to Brooklyn and the Daughters of Charity, while Amanda and I did some exploring before I took the train back to Jersey and she headed to the Bronx.

I love the City.  There is so much energy as people rush this way and that.  Making your way up the street is like an intricately choreographed dance that still leaves room for spontaneous creativity.  I love weaving in and out of the throngs of people.  I would have loved to see the dance from a bird’s perspective, flying overhead enjoying the kaleidoscope of people and color.

Amanda and I did some shopping at Macy’s, where we found a stunning coat for Amanda and H&M, where we discovered a belt to accent my coat.  Only two purchases, but they were great investments.  After the rewarding shopping trip and a stop at St. Patrick’s, we headed back toward Penn Station to meet up with my friend, Christopher, for lunch.

It was a short trip for me – right after lunch, I jumped on a train so I could get back in time for the rehearsal dinner – but it was worth it!  A great belt, a wonderful traveling companion, lots of laughs, lunch with friend.  It was a great trip to the Big Apple!

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