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preparing for winter

November 12, 2008

Grand Rapids saw its first accumulating snowfall on Sunday!  Snow was piled on my car by the time I left my parents’ house, where we celebrated my sister, Ang’s birthday.  I taken a bit off guard – I hadn’t been paying attention to the forecast – but it was a wonderful surprise.

I made a personal decision last year to stop loathing and complaining about winter, which was going to come whether I filed a complaint or not, and try to find something good, be it ever so small, in the desolate, cold days of winter.  I started by preparing myself for the falling temperatures.  I bought winter boots and a hat.  As silly as it sounds, this was a huge step for me, reader.  I found that having the proper gear for the cold makes it bearable.  Because it was bearable, I was able to stop whining long enough to look around and see the hidden beauty of the season.

For all its harshness, winter is a time for comfort, a time for hearth and home.  People long to be indoors, cozy and warm, surrounded by friends and family.  I love that feeling of coming inside after being out in the elements and being hugged by warmth.

So on Sunday, I pulled out the rest of my winter sweaters for laundering and clothed my bed in flannel sheets.  I had to buy new woolies because my old ones were worn down to nothing.  I have everything ready so I can wrap myself in layers of warmth and goodness all winter long.  The only thing I have to find is the snow scraper/brush for my car!

More posts about my snowy adventures coming soon!!

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