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looking forward to skating backward

November 20, 2008

snowflakeWhen I stepped off the porch this morning it didn’t look like it was snowing.  That is until I saw a tiny white snowflake suspended in air.  It floated along the crest of a wind gust beckoning me to join its merry dance.  I did until the wind took the snowflake in a direction that was not toward the bus stop.

I usually focus on the hibernating aspect of winter, but I also enjoy outdoor winter fun.  Dancing with the snowflake this morning reminded me that very soon I will be ice skating in Rosa Parks Circle under the glowing city lights with snow fluttering around me.  I love ice skating, though I am not that good.  I can stay upright and skate forward and stop.  Toward the end of the season I can even do front crossovers!  But I still have not  mastered skating backward.  Perhaps this will be the year!

Let this serve as a reminder the impact we can have on those around us: that one tiny, solitary snowflake brought me encouragement and hope that my goal of skating backward will someday be fulfilled.

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