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who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

November 21, 2008

dancingWell this ol’ girl learned two new dances in one week!  Granted they weren’t brand new dances: Las Alazanas y Son de La Negra were a part of the troupe’s repertoire before I joined, but I had yet to learn them.  Until this week…

We have close to twenty dances we perform.  Most of us know most of the dances, but we’ve had several people join the troupe and el profe decided it was time to re-teach some of the older dances.  So the original six taught us newbies two of their first dances.

It helped that I had seen the dances being practiced or performed many times.  And it helped that I paid attention to the choreography, the steps and the music.  I was able to pick it up in no time!  Actually, there were a couple of steps that tripped me up, but I eventually got the hang of things.  It was all about repetition!  And man, I’m feeling it today!  My arm muscles are especially sore from wielding my practice skirt all night long.

But it was worth it!  Two whole dances from el principio to el fin.  I guess that proves one of two things: Either you can teach an old dog new tricks or I am not as old as I thought.  :)  Well all I know is I have conquered two dances in one week and that is quite an accomplishment.  (Oh and all the other new dancers learned them, too, but they are all nine years or more my junior so it is way more of an accomplishment for this ol’ girl!)

photographer: Curt Street

dancer: Yours Truly

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