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my sister rose

December 3, 2008

My dearest older sister is celebrating 31 years of life today.  Please take a moment to say a prayer for her, visit her blog and wish her a happy birthday.

Rose has an amazing heart for the Lord and that is evident in every aspect of her life.  She has a steadfast faith, always trusting in God’s promise and provision.  She is a blessing to our family.  Being the oldest of six is a huge responsibility that Rose continues to bear with grace and wisdom.

Not only is she my sister, Rose is also one of my closest friends.  As the song says, “There were never such devoted sisters.”  I am honored to have a sister such as Rose.  She has filled my life with joy and laughter!

I love you, Rose!!  You continue to encourage and inspire me all the way from LA.  Thank you for sharing the joys and struggles of life with me.  I am excited for you as you start this new year of life: I know God will do amazing things for you because of your willingness to serve.

God bless you on this day of your birth!

there were never such devoted sisters

there were never such devoted sisters


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