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i was a packer for a day!

December 17, 2008

My dear friend, Amanda, and her family are fans of the Green Bay Packers.  If you know anything about the NFL, you would know that there is no need to expound on the intensity of their loyalty to the Packers.  I can relate to the passion the Vernons have for their team.  Although being a fan of a college team is different, the passion is just as intense.

This past Sunday I had the honor of joining the Vernon family for a game watch.  It wasn’t as intense as it usually is due to the Packers’ record, but it was great fun to be a Packer for a day!  Amanda warned me that there are a couple of rules to abide by on game day: 1) No talking during the game. (I have grown up by this rule and am now an enforcer so no problem there!) and 2) No rooting for the other team.  (This is a rule I can get behind!)  I wore green so as to avoid wearing the opposing team’s colors.  I didn’t want to offend my friends!  The only thing I own that is close to Packer green is a really cute sweater dress, which looked amazing when topped off with a cheese-head (It also looked great with my matching hat that used to belong to my stylish Great-Aunt Agnes).  I was disappointed I couldn’t find yellow tights – that would have been a perfect touch!

The Packers may have lost, but I enjoyed the day very much.  The entire family’s knowledge of the game and their team was impressive.  NFL teams have more longtime players than college football so the fans have more of an opportunity to get to know their boys.  It was refreshing to watch the game with people who not only enjoy the game but understand it, too.

The entire experience was incredibly fun!  I hope I will be invited back because I’d love to watch another game with the Vernon family.  Maybe by that time, I’ll have found those yellow tights!

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  1. December 18, 2008 9:03 am

    You certainly passed the great-football-fan test, Cecilia. I appreciate your respect of our passion for the Pack, and you are absolutely invited back. However…please do try to tie in a little bit of yellow next time, ok?



  2. Felipa Schwartz permalink
    December 20, 2008 12:08 pm

    Well I can say you girls do look good even with the cheese hats!

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