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vehicle woes

December 30, 2008

I was driving home from the grocery store last night and noticed random chunks of ice in the middle of the off ramp.  “That’s weird.” I thought as I expertly maneuvered around them to avoid a flat tire.  I didn’t want to re-live my flat tire experience from last year.

All of a sudden I heard a loud crash.  The car jolted and my heart stopped.  I waited for my car to veer toward the flat tire, but it didn’t.  The car hadn’t hit anything: something had hit the car!  I looked behind me and saw a man/boy standing by the wall of the exit ramp.  It was dark and he had on a dark hooded sweatshirt so I couldn’t see any other details.  Due to the random placement of the ice chunks and the new one that was swirling in the road, I guessed the ice chunk must have hit my car.  Ice chunks the size of a melon don’t fly randomly through the air.  The only way it could have gotten there was if that person had thrown it at my car.

I called the police, gave them the run-down and pulled into a nearby parking lot to assess the damage.  The passenger door has multiple scrapes, scratches and a rather large gouge.  A few inches higher and the ice would have broken through the window and I might have needed an ambulance.  I described the damage to the dispatcher and settled in to wait for the cruiser.

The damage is not extensive, but I now have the inconvenience of hassling with the insurance agent, contacting body shops, getting estimates, rearranging my schedule to  fit in a repair, etc.  I really don’t like dealing with car issues of any kind.  I get overwhelmed which leaves me feeling vulnerable and worried that someone is going to take advantage of my automotive ignorance.  My frustration often leads to tears and that frustrates me even more!  I can’t stand crying over silly things like a car repair!  Grrr!  I try to make the best of all situations, especially in regards to my state in life, but car problems always make this single girl wish she weren’t so single.  (All in God’s time, Self.  All in God’s time.)

Sigh… Don’t worry, reader, I’ll get over it quickly.  I will “suck it up”, as my Great-Uncle Frank says, and do what needs to be done.  I will learn about detachment, be reminded of God’s provision, and come to forgive the perpetrator even though I would rather wallow in my anger; I just needed to vent for a minute.

The state trooper who came to take the report was very helpful.  I just hope everyone else I have the pleasure of dealing with on this adventure will be the same.  And that I can overcome this challenge with grace, dignity and little-to-no frustration or tears!  God help me!

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  1. Felipa Schwartz permalink
    December 31, 2008 11:01 am

    Will I hate to say this, but I am glad it was the car and not you!

  2. mariangrace permalink
    December 31, 2008 1:21 pm

    Wow, this stinks!

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