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a fresh start to the new year

January 6, 2009

the new do
the new do

As the New Year rolls around, everyone starts dissecting themselves to see what resolutions they should make.  The past year is analyzed and promises made for the new one.  We all try to embrace the “Holiday Inn” song that says “Let’s start the New Year right…”

I too go through this process at the beginning of the calendar year, but it is the second time in five weeks, and I will go through it again in another few weeks.  Advent marks the beginning of the liturgical year and I revamp a lot to prepare for Christmas.  I do the same at the beginning of Lent.  The liturgical seasons are more productive, so to speak, and that is due to all the grace available.  Still, I like to focus on a few practical things for the new calendar year.

My ‘fresh start’ for 2009 has been more evident than previous years.  Some of that has to do with the amazing Advent and Christmas seasons I had.  I was awakened to deeper, more profound aspects of life, which has enhanced my view of the world.

I have also had the opportunity to renew a few friendships of old.  The reminder of my seventeen-year-old self provided an amusing reality check for my current self.  My life is very different than what I had hoped and even expected, and I am grateful for that!  I don’t want the life I wanted twelve years ago.  It was good to be reminded how my hopes and dreams have changed and matured over the years, and that they will continue to grow in the future.

The most noticeable aspect of the 2009 version of me is my new hairstyle.  Although the length has varied, I’ve had the same basic style for about three, maybe four years.  I’ve taken a big step away from my comfort zone and am still breathing!  One of the differences is I decided to be frugal: I’ve gone natural which means no perm!  Yes, my secret is out!  I perm my hair (well, I did perm my hair).  Here’s why: my hair has a lovely natural wave in the front, a weird top layer wave in the back and a straight bottom layer.  I permed my hair so I wouldn’t have to struggle with its identity crisis every morning.  My new style requires a little more effort on my end, but not much.  It works well with all variations of my hair.

It’s amazing how a new hairstyle makes me feel like a new person.  The haircut is a physical manifestation of the fresh start to 2009.  The internal realizations and practical resolutions helped bring about the small transformation, too.

In the spirit of “Holiday Inn”, I have “started the New Year right.”  I am confident it will only get better!

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