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living with a loss

January 6, 2009

carmen_ohioFor the past couple of years, I have experienced major disappointment at the beginning of the year.  I realize I could have two reactions: 1) That the disappointment is the beginning of a disappointing year or 2) That the worst night of the year is over and it will only get better.  Each year I have chosen the latter and the year does get better.  This year will be no different.

I wish it was different.  I wish the Bowl Games weren’t a source of bitter disappointment again, but it is what it is.

My beloved Bucks put up a good fight.  I expected them to get slaughtered but was pleasantly surprised to see them rise to the occasion.  I really hoped they could close the deal.  For a few precious minutes that hope was a reality.  I will treasure those moments, though they made the last minute of the game more painful.  osu_mi_112208_game_25

My sisters and I did our parts: We urged our boys along from our parents’ living room.  We cheered and hollered, sang and groaned.  We panicked at times and even forgot to breathe.  And yes, there were moments when we cursed them (Like my grandmother, I only use semi-colorful language during OSU football games).  Mostly we savored the experience of rooting for our boys together.

As I said last year and the year before that, my worst night of the year is over.  The Ohio State Buckeyes lost their Bowl game for the third year in a row.  I have learned how to live with a loss.  Today was set aside as a day of mourning (I wore a black dress today and did not discuss the game).  Tomorrow I will move on.  The pain will eventually lessen and my hopes for next year will be renewed.  I shall miss the seniors, especially James Laurinaitis, but the traditions of the Buckeyes will continue, although one tradition they can do away with is the one of losing their Bowl games!

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