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emulating the saints

January 8, 2009

I had lunch with my brother, Charles, yesterday, and couldn’t help but think of Sts. Scholastica and Benedict.  I’m not saying Charles or I compare to either of these great saints.  I was simply reminded of their relationship: Scholastica and Benedict were siblings.  In a biography I read about St. Scholastica, she and her brother used to meet once a year.  For one entire day, they left their monasteries and spent the day together “discussing the things of heaven.”  Charles has a hard time giving me an hour every few months, much less a whole day!  And even then there are many distractions.

Still, we are called to emulate the saints.  Our conversation may be more trivial than “discussing the things of heaven”, but it is edifying and encouraging to hear the excitement in my brother’s voice and to see the glow in his face as he tells me what God is doing in his life, and I believe it is the same for him.  Thanks to technology, we are able to talk on the phone every so often (that is whenever he answers his phone or actually returns my calls), but it’s not the same.  We are both animated when we talk, Charles more so than myself.  Even when we are on the phone I can picture his hand gestures and facial expressions.  But it is more amusing to watch the boy in person.

Perhaps in time we can work up to one day a year and maybe by that time we will have learned to emulate Scholastica and Benedict in other ways.  (FYI: Charles, even if/when we meet for an entire day to “discuss the things of heaven”, that doesn’t mean you would be exempt from seeing me throughout the year!)

feel the love!

feel the love!

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  1. Felipa Schwartz permalink
    January 9, 2009 7:05 am

    I Loved reading this article. I Could feel the Love you two have for each other. It brought a tear to my eyes…… No, not because of Charles. It was the two of you. Love You!!

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