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sleeping in the sun

January 26, 2009

Grandpa’s favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is to sit in the sun room and read the paper.  As he reads, different things will trigger a story or an observation.  For example, he handed me the ad for Meijer and pointed to a picture of two hats, one of the Detroit Red Wings and the other of the Indianapolis Colts.

“There,” he said, “you can wear that hat and people will think you got kicked in the head by a horse!” Grandpa is full of comments and stories, but only when I am sitting at the table reading or writing.  He never interrupts my nap.

A nap is inevitable at Grandpa’s.  His house is so peaceful and comforting that sleep overtakes me and I have to give in.  I lay down on the couch in the sun room, under the glorious rays.  I was reminded of Mr. Bell from “North and South” when he says, “I should be pleased to be warmed by the sun again.”  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have the sun as my blanket.  Though the air was bitterly cold  outside, I enjoyed being wrapped in the golden warmth as I slept.

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