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giving girls a bad name

February 1, 2009

My brother, Charles, was in town last week.  He came out with three other seminarians for a vocations initiative week.  They traveled all over the Grand Rapids diocese visiting Catholic schools.  Their schedule was intense and I didn’t get to see much of my brother.  I was able to spend some time with him after Tuesday night Mass.  I also saw him when he stopped over to borrow my car on Wednesday and then again on Thursday when he dropped it off.

Charles was always my vehicle problem go-to guy.  Whenever I heard strange noises, Charles would find five or ten minutes to go on a test drive with me to determine whether or not the noise existed.  If the noise did exist, he would let me know if it warranted a visit to the mechanic or if he could fix the problem himself.

So when he dropped off my car, I had a laundry list of questions regarding disconcerting noises and concerns about my tires.  Charles said my tires seemed fine.

Me: Are you sure?  They don’t look low to you?

Charles: I didn’t really look.

Me: I asked them to check the tire pressure last time I got my oil changed.  The guy told me the front tires will look squishy because that is where the weight is.  But I still think they look low.

Charles: Well why don’t you check them?

Me: Couldn’t you just tell me if you think I should be concerned?

Charles: Celia, do you have a tire gauge?

Me: I think so…

Charles: All you need to do is go out to your car, unscrew the cap, put the gauge on and fweet – it tells you if your tire is low.

Me: I know how to check the tire pressure, but it’s cold out.  Can’t you just do it?

Charles: Celia, you give girls a bad name!

I realize that, but not in the way my brother suggested.  I wasn’t able to get my brother to check my tire pressure.  I failed and that is how I gave girls a bad name!  I am so ashamed.  I really need to work on that!!!

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