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February 10, 2009

No not me!!!  One of my favorite co-workers retired a couple of weeks ago.  I miss him already, even though he only worked two days a week.  Every Monday, he griped about the long week ahead, and every Tuesday he would announce “The weekend’s almost here!”

Mr. B was one of those people who could get away with teasing me about being single.  He knew me well enough to know that my joy is grounded in Christ not in my relationship status, and he knew a little teasing would strengthen my character and resolve.  Thankfully, he never went overboard, although he pressured/encouraged me quite a bit to find a date other than my sister for the firm Christmas party.  I never found one.  (Honestly, reader, I didn’t try very hard.)

I will miss Mr. B “setting goals” for me as if finding a date were some great feat I needed to conquer.  He had his special little way of checking to see if I had met someone.  I am actually going to miss those conversations – they always made me smile.

Mr. B: Hiya, Sunshine!  Did you have a good weekend?
Me (smiling): I did.
Mr. B (with a sly grin): Oh really?  What’s his name?

I laughed every time.  I came up with some rather interesting names such as Non Existent.  Every once in a while my answer contained actual names:

Me: I got to see my grandpa this weekend!


Me: Three of the handsomest men ever were hanging all over me: Joseph, Daniel and Samuel Benedict.  (Note: Their current ages are 4, 2 ½, and 9 months.  The 9-month-old doesn’t really hang on me, I hang on him.)

Dear Mr. B!  He knew the answer every time, but still got a kick out of asking me.

We also discussed weightier matters of life such as faith, family and football.  I will miss hearing his stories about his granddaughters.  Mr. B is quite a character and will be very much missed.  I wish him all the best on his retirement.

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