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national catholic singles conference 2009: the journey begins

February 16, 2009
at the traveler's cafe

at the traveler's cafe

“Cecilia, why would we ever deny our culture?” Amanda reasoned via voice mail.  “I think we should just embrace who we are.”  I could hear the laughter in her voice as I anticipated what was coming next: she was running late.

Amanda and I always joke about the stereotype of specific cultures and ethnicities that are consistently late to everything.  We both run on “Mexican time”.  Even though Amanda isn’t of Mexican descent, she has many friends who are.  It amazes both of us how true this particular stereotype is.  But it’s not just the Mexicans (and it’s not all Mexicans).  There are many other cultures that can run on their own time: Irish time, African-American time, German time (Although if you run on German time and arrive to something five minutes early, you are actually ten minutes late.), the list could go on.

Friday morning as Amanda and I prepared to leave for the National Catholic Singles Conference, our departure time was delayed three times.  Did I mention we were driving to Chicago and therefore in control of our departure time?  Well, sort of… Amanda had an appointment in Chicago scheduled for mid-afternoon.  When the appointment canceled early Friday morning, we decided to leave at eleven instead of nine.  Around 10:30, I was still frantically packing and Amanda called to say she would leave her house at 11.  That sounded good to me.  I figured by the time she got to my place and we loaded the car an 11:30 departure time was possible.  The voice mail message above was left around 11:30.  We finally pulled out around noon.

And so our pilgrimage began…

It really was a pilgrimage for us.  The journey was just as important as the destination.  The four hours we spent driving were incredible!  It began with the rosary and then great conversation that was inspired by the Holy Spirit because it prepared us for the messages shared throughout the weekend.  Our drive in and of itself was a fantastic adventure!  And if that was all God had for us, it would have been enough, but it was only a foretaste of what was to come…

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