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ncsc 2009: expectations and concerns

February 17, 2009

I honestly had no idea what to expect at the conference.  I knew who the speakers were and knew the content would be incredible, which is why I wanted to attend, but it was a HUGE step out of my comfort zone.

One of my major concerns was the stigma of desperation that others often stamp on singles.  Would attending the conference give people the idea that I am desperate to find a husband?  (Of course, regular readers know the truth.)  I was also worried that other attendees would either be desperate or think the same of me.   What I came to find, much to my relief, was that most of the conference goers were and are in the same boat as I am: They are striving to live their lives according to God’s will in their present state, which happens to be single.  Instead of an undercurrent of desperation to find a spouse, there was a sense of camaraderie, friendship and willingness to support each other in our walks with the Lord as single men and women.

As far as the possibility of meeting a future spouse, I got the sense that many people at the conference were aware that the Lord can use any circumstance to bring two people together.  It did seem as though people were open to the idea, but it wasn’t their main focus.  Except for me.  To be honest I don’t know that a singles conference would be my ideal place to meet my husband: it’s a bit too cliché for me.  Then again, I do know that God can use any situation and if the Lord chooses to bring something about for the sole purpose of forcing me to eat my words than I suppose I will chew carefully and hope that I don’t choke.  (In all seriousness, the Lord can do with me what He will.)

My other concern was I went into the conference knowing only two people: Amanda, my travel companion who was only there on Friday and Sunday (She attended her cousins’ confirmation on Saturday), and a friend of my sister’s who I had never actually met.  Talk about taking me out of my comfort zone!!  I had to put all my techniques for overcoming shyness to the test.  Many people find it hard to believe that I am shy, but that is because I hide it well.  I am fine one-on-one or in a small group, but a crowded conference room filled with people (even people I know) is rather daunting.

Obviously, I survived the inner turmoil.  Not only did I survive, I ended up having a great time meeting and getting to know the other people at the conference.  There were only one or two moments of anxiety on Saturday morning, but they quickly passed.  I am glad I didn’t give into my fears.  If I had, I would have missed the opportunity to meet some amazing people!

Those were really the only expectations I had, low though they were.  Well, I did have high hopes for the content and speakers.  Everything about the conference and the weekend as a whole far exceeded my expectations.  There will be more posts to come regarding the content…

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