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February 17, 2009

I knew I was going to have to check my tire pressure before I drove my car to Chicago.  I really didn’t want to, but it had to be done and I failed at getting someone else to check the tires for me.  Plus, my dad was determined that I check the tires myself after reading my post about giving girls a bad name.

The Sunday before I left, I was at my parents’ house for brunch and Dad wouldn’t let the subject go.  I tried one last time to pawn the task off on someone else.

“Rita!” I looked at my youngest sister. “Do you want to check my tire pressure for me?”

“Don’t look at me!” she said.  “I’ve never checked tires before.  I wouldn’t know what to do!”

Dad’s eyes grew wide.  “You’ve never checked the tires?  Rita, that is very important.  If you are driving, you need to know how to do that.”  Once a safety guy, always a safety guy!

I grinned.  “There’s no time like the present!  I’ll teach you!”  If I was going to be stuck with the job, I wasn’t going to do it by myself even though I could.  Rita groaned.  Ang made the mistake of laughing at her.

“Ang,” Dad said, “go with them.  You should learn too.”

Poor Ang tried to protest, but Dad would hear none of it.  By golly, his daughters would be experts at tire pressure if it was the last thing he did.

I couldn’t find my tire gauge, so Dad searched Mom’s car before finally getting his out of the truck.  He left me to teach my younger sisters the art of checking tire pressure.  I suppose this was my redemption for giving girls a bad name: By imparting my vast knowledge to my sisters, they can check my tires next time.  The girls will need the practice and I’d be more than willing to give them the opportunity!

Showing them how it's done

Showing them how it's done

Rita's turn

Rita reads the gauge

Ang is now an expert!

Ang is now an expert!

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