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embracing the silence

February 18, 2009

I am speechless for the second day in a row.  My poor voice was hoarse all weekend.  I thought it was getting better on Monday, but Tuesday morning the only noise that came out was a raspy, frog-like croak.  I still went to work, but it made my day job as a receptionist impossible.  Someone else had to sit at my desk while I was tucked away in Central Services.  Several of my co-workers are enjoying my lack of speech way too much!

It is frustrating not being able to respond to someone, join in a conversation or even laugh!  But there are also advantages.  I have found the outer silence has created an interior silence, which has brought serenity and clarity.  What a joy it has been to take advantage of a personal silent retreat.  This may be better than a retreat since I am learning to have interior silence amid the loud, crazy, hectic world I claim as my life.  Retreats allow a person to step out of his or her environment to find clarity, but I have found that same clarity in my every day environment.

I am praying my voice returns soon so I can get back to my regular desk.  In the meantime, I am embracing and savoring my forced silence.  I know I will miss the quiet once it is gone.

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