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ncsc 2009: the content

February 26, 2009

I realize over a week has passed since I’ve returned home from the National Catholic Singles Conference and I am just now making good on my promise to write about the content of the conference.  There is good reason for that, reader!

The weekend was full of talks that were rich in substance.  The speakers were very knowledgeable about their specific topics and were able to deliver the information amazingly well.  I soaked it all in, but am overwhelmed when trying to filter through it all to share with you.  The speakers did such a fantastic job that any attempt on my part to relate what they said seems inadequate.

Most of the talks incorporated John Paul II’s The Theology of the Body with the specific topic.  This of course gave even more depth to the already deep subjects.  Fr. Thomas Loya spoke about Hope and the Unseen; Vicki Thorn’s subject was As The World Turns: Changes That Left Us Wounded; Fr. Richard Simon dealt with Things That Go Bump In The Night: Spiritual Warfare – Is It For Real?; Dale O’Leary informed us of the Attack of Sexual Utilitarians: The Question of Gender; and Christopher West covered The Theology of the Body and the Single Person.

While I got something out of every talk, there were a couple that impacted me more than others.  The best part was that all the speakers gave practical ways to apply the concepts on which they were speaking to everyday life, whether it was a prayer or song or little challenges.  I always had a hard time when I was younger figuring out how to apply the grand ideas I heard at retreats to my life.  Then again, those talks tended to be fluffy and ambiguous while the ones given at the conference were solid and tangible, making it easier to apply to real life.

I would encourage anyone interested in the content of the conference or learning more about the Theology of the Body to check out Our Father’s Will Communications.  They have loads of information including CD’s and DVD’s of the conference, plus books that were referenced by the speakers.

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