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ode to the old girl

February 28, 2009

I was in a car accident two years ago: rear-ended on the expressway.  My blog-before-the-blog was a newsletter-type email I sent to friends and family once a month.  In honor of the anniversary* of the accident, I thought I’d share the installment I wrote informing my original readers about the vehicle situation.

ford escortWednesday, March 14, 2007

Greetings to all.

Tis a sad day, my friends, a sad day.  I walked away from my little silver car for the last time.   As I left the auto body shop and glanced in the rearview mirror, I could see the old girl getting smaller and smaller.  My poor heart broke as I left the first car I ever owned.

I have gotten ahead of myself.  Let me explain how it all began: It was a gray Wednesday morning as I headed back home after taking Rita to school.   Traffic was pretty heavy on the expressway – stop and go.  I had just stopped when I heard a loud crash behind me.  The next thing I heard was another crash as my little car was thrust forward.   I hit the truck in front of me, and my car jerked back.  I sat stunned for a moment before making sure all my limbs were still intact and movable.  I was fine and though my car was drivable, the repairs cost more than the 8-year-old, 200,000 mile car was worth.

Which brings me to my sad day – the final farewell to my trusty friend.  The difficulty of being without a car and having to find a new one has paled next to the emotional bond that has been severed.   As I thought about the last six years, I realized just how much I have been through with that car: I have experienced moving several times, witnessed many marriages of friends, several new lives resulting from these marriages, and numerous deaths among my circle of family and friends.   And my car was always there for me, though several time it provided added stress.  That little silver Escort has heard my innermost thoughts, my rantings and musings.  It witnessed my temper (and if cars could talk, I am sure it would be proud to report that I have learned to control my temper over the years.), my anger and frustration, my grief and anguish and heartache, my jubilation and excitement, and my joy and gleefulness.    The old girl was with me on every single one of my million adventures and was friend to many of my friends.

Leaving it behind marks the closing a major chapter in my life.  Saying good-bye to one’s first car is giant step further into adulthood.   I am leaving my girlish past behind me as I shed the fun, little sporty silver car for a more sophisticated, mature future (I’m working on getting the sophisticated thing down, but heaven knows if I will ever conquer maturity).

That brings me back to the moment I said good-bye to my former life. As I was about to step away for the last time, I asked the man from the auto body shop for a final moment with my car.   I sat inside my faithful vehicle with my hand on the wheel.   I thanked her: she had served her purpose well and I was very sorry to see her go in such a state.  I patted and kissed the wheel before stepping out of my well-loved and well-driven silver Escort for good.

(moment of silence)

I also realized that I have been writing my email updates for about as long as I owned that car, perhaps a little longer.   I would like to thank all those who have shared my life for the duration of my updates.  The recipient list was much shorter in those days.  It is just under two hundred right now.   I am grateful for all those who have been added to the list throughout the years.  I look forward to sharing the next chapter of my life with you all!

*Note from the author: Although the email was dated March 14, the accident took place on February 28.

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  1. Cristin Luea permalink
    February 28, 2009 10:31 pm


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