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praying with passion

March 6, 2009

I’ve always been a passionate person, which means my life is vibrant and full of color.  This passion with which I live has audrey-hepburn-smile-leo-fuchsmanifested itself in different ways through the various stages of life.  The most obvious was during my teen years when the passion was revealed through melodramatic antics or my temper.  As I’ve grown deeper in my relationship with the Lord, I’ve learned to channel my passion in ways that are holy, honoring and productive, and to my family\’s relief I learned to control that temper.

Since I started making a conscious effort to live in the present moment, I’ve discovered a passion for the here and now.  There are many things I pour myself into with gusto: my faith, dancing, writing, familial relationships, friendships, football – to name a few.  It is absolutely exhilarating, and I am often reminded of a conversation from the movie Ever After.  The movie is a different take on the classic story Cinderella.  This particular exchange happens when the prince asks a question of the Cinderella character after a lively discussion in which she challenges his attitude toward life:

Henry: How do you do it?

Danielle: Do what?

Henry: Live each day with such passion?  Don\’t you find it exhausting?

Danielle: Only when I\’m around you.

Only I don’t find living with passion exhausting: It is life-giving and energizing!  It allows me to see the reflection of God all around me, filling my days with beauty, wonder and hope.  Living one’s life with intense passion is a gift, but like all gifts from God, it only bears fruit when used for His glory within His divine order.  I love being able to offer myself to the Lord and seeing him transform my passion into a beautiful creation.  I try to live this out every day, but don’t always succeed.  I was reminded of this earlier this week when I read an article on Catholic Exchange.

Make prayer a passion, not a duty. Ask God for the grace to understand the true nature of prayer which is the very soul of our spiritual lives. If we don’t pray, we suffocate spiritually. We wouldn’t allow that to happen to our physical bodies, yet through negligence and any number of excuses we drop prayer off our list of priorities and end up spiritually suffocating our souls. There is no time like the present to commit ourselves to a strong prayer life. The interior benefits are truly life-giving.  (Read full article here.)

Talk about convicting and what beautiful insight!!  I pray regularly but I do tend to see it as more of a duty than a passion.  After reading this, my approach to prayer has been different.  It is not yet a passion (I only read this a few days ago), but I know it will be… perhaps even by Easter!

This new outlook on prayer will help me to further find my delight in the Lord.

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