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all fired up!

March 24, 2009

40 days for life logoLast night I was deeply moved by words spoken and the passion behind them.  I was reminded of my rich heritage.  I was inspired to answer the call – after all, to whom much is given much is expected.  And now, I am all fired up!  Allow me to explain.

Yesterday, the Grand Rapids Right to Life hosted a Speak Out For Life event.  The speaker was David Bereit, National Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life.  What an amazing man of God!  I was very impressed.  The content of his talk was incredible and the delivery was impeccable.  He was direct, confident and spoke with conviction.  (Dad, I was on the lookout for filler words, but none were used!)  Mr. Bereit’s knowledge of the various campaigns throughout the country was astounding, as was his knowledge of local pro-life issues and statistics.  He not appealed my analytical side, but my emotional side as well.

“The world is telling us it’s impossible,” Mr. Beriet said, speaking of the end to abortion, “but all injustices come to an end.”  He reminded us of what Martin Luther King, Jr. said after blacks were able to vote: “The President told us it was impossible, but we started a movement.”  Yes, the world tells us it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.  “And we have started a movement.”

Mr. Bereit shared story upon story of how God has been working across the country through 40 Days for Life.  He reminded us that the issue of abortion will be the definitive issue of this era.  “And when your children and grandchildren read about abortion in their history books, after they’ve learned about the Holocaust and slavery and segregation, they will ask you what you did to bring about the end to abortion.  What will you tell them?  ‘I was really busy during that time in my life.  I just couldn’t fit it in.’ or ‘I stood at the clinics and prayed; I fasted; I volunteered; I was on the front lines.’  Will your children swell with pride at the works their parents did to help turn the tide of the abortion issue?  Will you be able to tell them it ended because we started a movement?  The challenge lay at our feet.  And let me tell you, reader, I picked it up and am ready to run!

I was vividly reminded of my parents, who met while working for the United Farm Workers Union in the 70’s.  After they were married, Mom and Dad moved to California and worked side-by-side with Cesar Chavez.  I can still recall the pride that flowed through my veins when I saw Cesar in my 7th grand history book, and I, through my parents, was personally connected to that historic effort.  There is a picture of Cesar hanging in my parents’ home with a quote that reads:

“Across the San Joaquin valley, across California, across the entire southwest of the United States, wherever there are Mexican people, wherever there are farm workers, our movement is spreading like flames across a dry plain.  Our Pilgrimage is the match that will light our cause for all Farm workers to see what is happening here, so that they may do as we have done.  The time has come for the liberation of the poor farm worker.  History is on our side.  MAY THE STRIKE GO ON!  VIVA LA CAUSA.”

This rings true for the Pro-Life cause today.  The 40 Days for Life movement is spreading!  Just as Cesar said of their Pilgrimage, these national campaigns are a light for the pro-life message.  Our world is in darkness, but “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot over come it” (John 1:5).  Hold fast to hope, my friends.  As David Bereit reminded us, “All injustices come to an end.”

I pray my children will have the opportunity to read about our efforts someday.  I pray that before they have their last history class, they will read about the injustice of abortion.  And as Mr. Bereit predicted, I pray they will ask me what I did.  I will humbly tell them, as my parents told us, that we started a movement!

with David Beriet

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  1. Felipa permalink
    March 24, 2009 11:35 am

    Thank you for your inspiring thoughts. I wish I could have been there. But this flu bug is still keeping me down. I can’t wait to talk to you so you can tell us more. Love Mom

  2. March 24, 2009 8:38 pm


    It was a blessing to be with you and everyone else in Grand Rapids last night. God is doing amazing things through the faithful people in your city! Thanks for your kind words, and know how much I appreciate you!

    In Christ,

    David Bereit
    National Director
    40 Days for Life

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