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how to get a boyfriend – part I

March 25, 2009

Five-year-old Miriam looked at me.  “You should wish for a boyfriend,” she said firmly.  I looked back at her and tried to hold in my laughter.

“Really?  Are you sure that’s what I should wish for?”

“I’m sure.”  Miriam offered me a wish on her new fairy necklace.  She even deleted one of her wishes for me.  I had no idea that’s what her answer would be when I asked the wishing expert for advice.

“Are you sure I shouldn’t wish for a husband?” I asked, trying to be funny.

“Nope.  You have to wish for a boyfriend first.”

Miriam placed the fairy in my hand just so and directed me through the wish making process.  She was very satisfied and decided to help the fairy.  “I’m going to tell you how to get a boyfriend so your wish will come true,” she said with all the seriousness a five-year-old can muster.  I could barely contain my laughter!

To my relief, Miriam’s older brother, Andrew, walked into the kitchen.  “CECILIA!!! YOU’RE HERE!!!”  His face lit up when he saw me.  He rushed over and gave me a huge hug.  It had been a few months since I’d seen the kid.  The last several times I had gone over, Andrew was at his Dad’s.  As Andrew told me how much he missed me coming over to baby-sit and Miriam sat patiently waiting to share her youthful wisdom, I thought to myself, ‘Self, you made the right decision.’

A few hours earlier, I was on the phone with Tennille (mother of Andrew and Miriam) trying to decide what to do for St. Patrick’s Day.  I had the option of going to hear a ceili band at a local bar with the possibility of Irish dancing or having dinner with the Benedicts.

“Let me weigh my options,” I said to Tennille.  “I could go to your house and have boys hanging all over me or go the bar and have to deal with awkwardness.  That’s not a difficult decision.”  As much as I enjoy Celtic music and ceili dancing, I didn’t want to go out by myself.  So it was off to the Benedicts.

The boys did hang on me, especially Joseph who is my little buddy.  And as soon as Andrew headed out of the kitchen, Miriam wasted no time getting back on track.  She started listing point after point.  I stopped her long enough to grab a pen and paper.  Advice like this had to be recorded!  She put a lot of thought into each point.  I know because she would put her head under the “Thinking Tree” before announcing what I needed to do next.

Stay tuned for “How To Get A Boyfriend – Part II”…

Miriam under the "Thinking Tree"

Miriam under the "Thinking Tree"

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  1. rosarioguadalupe permalink
    March 25, 2009 6:22 pm

    I love that crazy girl! Gotta get me one of those ‘Thinking’ tree’s! I can’t wait to hear her advice on how to get a boyfriend. I’m ready to listen and learn! ;)


  1. how to get a boyfriend - part II « she laughs at the days to come

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