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here i come to save the day!

March 27, 2009

Last Saturday morning I found myself running down the Hill at 8:20 AM.  I was headed to the office and would have been late if I hadn’t been running.  Why was I going to work on a Saturday morning?  First Aid Training, that’s why!

A small group of us received basic first aid instruction, along with a few refreshers from last year’s CPR training.  It was very informative.  Our instructor was top-notch and the training videos were… well, training videos.

The videos would show the victim in distress and someone trained in first aid was conveniently standing next to them when things started to go wrong.   I know because in every scenario the person next to the victim would say, “[insert victim’s name], are you ok?  I’m trained in first aid.  Can I help you?”  Pretty obvious, huh?  But it’s a training video and they probably didn’t want to waste film having a witness run around the building asking each person they see if that person is trained in first aid.

So if you are expecting an incident to occur, whether it’s choking, electrocution, allergic reaction, stroke, seizure, burn, etc., make sure you stand next to me (but not too close, esp. if it’s electrocution).  That way I can be on hand to say, “[insert your name], are you ok?  I’m trained in first aid.  Can I help you?”

On the flip side, be careful when standing next to me.  According to the training videos, things happen to people who are standing close to those trained in first aid.  Consider yourself warned.  At least if something does happen, I will be able to help!  That is unless you are having a heart attack.

I am trained and certified in Compressions Only CPR, but I leave a lot to be desired when it comes to administering compressions.  You see, compressions only CPR requires 100 lbs of pressure per compression.  That is more than my 95 lb self has to work with.  On top of that, I’d have to sustain 100 lbs of pressure at 100 compressions per minute!  Not going to happen.  Wanna know why?  Because our instructor, Tim, brought a little devise that measures poundage.  He thought it would be a great idea to demonstrate how hard it is to reach 100 lbs of pressure by using the smallest person in the room.  The good news is I am much stronger than I was last year.  (After  last year’s CPR training, my arms were as limp as over-cooked noodles for two days!  This year I experienced a little soreness but not much.  That’s probably because of wielding a massive dress at dance practice twice a week.)  The bad news is even with all my extra upper-body strength, I reached the desired amount maybe four times in fifteen seconds of demonstrating.  My compressions wouldn’t do much good in a real event.  Of course I’d still try if the situation ever arose, but if you have a heart attack around me, you had better prayer there is someone bigger nearby who is trained in CPR.  Of course there is always the hope that adrenaline will kick in and make up for what I lack in poundage and strength.

So next time you have an emergency that requires first aid, remember I am trained in first aid.  I can help you!  Of course, chances are (if I take my cues from the training videos) you won’t have to go far for help – I’ll be standing next to you!

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