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some days are like that

April 8, 2009

This morning started out as one of those days.  I could not get out of bed.  I couldn’t find anything once I did.  Nothing went as it should, and everything seemed to take forever.  I kept getting distracted, and my hair was not cooperating!

Somehow I made it to the Chiropractor’s office in time for my 7:30 appointment, only to find out that my appointment is for Friday, not today.

I rushed to work because I had an 8:00 meeting.  I gave warning the day before that I would be late due to my appointment, and I would have been on time were it not for traffic and the possessed elevator.  The elevator stopped on the second floor to let someone off.  Then the fourth floor.  When it stopped on five, the doors opened and a woman got out.  I was the last person left, waiting to go to the penthouse on six.  I pressed the close door button to speed things along.  The doors closed, then opened.  The elevator had not moved from it’s position.  I pressed the close door button again, and the same thing happened: the doors closed and then opened without the elevator moving.  I took a chance, after all the third time’s a charm, right?  Wrong.  The doors closed and opened, same as the previous two times.  That was it for me!  I wasn’t going to take the chance of getting stuck in a possessed elevator!  I got off and took the stairs.

Later, when I was on my way to Starbucks for Starbucks Wednesday, I prayed that I wouldn’t get the crazy elevator.  I didn’t on the way down, but I did when I came back.  With my tea in hand, I pressed the floor I needed.  I cringed as the doors closed, but the ride was uneventful.  Thank heavens!

The day has gotten better as it goes on, but I am still pretty distracted.  Oh well, some days are like that, but it could be worse!

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