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cecilia of the nine fingers

April 20, 2009

I called my sister last Thursday to let her know how my doctor appointment went.  “The good news is they let me keep my finger.  The bad news is they gave it back to me in a jar.”

I don’t think I mentioned it, but I cut my finger back in January.  The wound healed, but my finger hasn’t been the same.  I was concerned it was infected but there were no tell-tale signs.  So I waited and waited, hoping the odd bump on my knuckle would disappear and the color would return to normal.  I finally gave in and went to the doctor last week.  (I know – stubborn me waited three months!)

The doctor said since I cut myself with a serrated knife, it wasn’t a clean cut and the bump on my knuckle is most likely scar tissue.  But she sent me to the hospital for an x-ray just to be on the safe side.  Obviously, she didn’t cut off my finger, and it will stay attached for now.  I got the results today: the x-ray came back normal.

Scar tissue it is!  The doc gave me a few exercises to do to help soften the tough tissue that now sits on my knuckle.  She did say that it could take up to six months to heal completely.  Six months!  Who would have thought a little knife slice would cause so much trouble!!

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