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a day the Lord has made

April 25, 2009

I drove down to Chicago today to visit some friends.  I am on my way home and decided to take a break.  This has truely been a day the Lord has made.  I had a few plans and ideas of what to do with my day, but God had other plans.  Thankfully, I was willing to let Him lead.

My trip to Chicago was originally to visit Samuel & Tennille in the hospital, and bring them home when Sam got released.  I had made a few plans to see some friends in the morning before going to the hospital.  But Sam was released on Friday and was home before I even started my weekend!  Hurrah for Tennille & Sam!  Home sweet home!

Since I had planned on making the trip, I decided I would still go.  I had more time to work with so I contacted a few other friends.  As it turned out, I was only able to meet up with one friend.  I realize some would think it worthless to drive three hours to a desintation, stay for three hours and then drive three hours home, but it’s not just about the destination.  The destination is important, but so is the journey.  And I needed the journey.

I have been pulled in so many directions the last few weeks.  It was a relief to sit in the car and drive.  I wasn’t under major time constraints on either leg of the journey, which made for a relaxed trip.  I had few distractions and was actually able to hear myself think!  When I got bored with my thoughts, I called a few friends, listened to great music and spent some time in prayer.  I hadn’t realized how much I needed the alone time.

If I had made the journey and spent time at my destination by myself, it would have been worth the trip, but I wasn’t alone.  I was able to meet up with a friend for lunch and had a great time talking of the things of heaven, earth and everything in between.

I know this was a day the Lord had made because it followed God’s plan, not mine.  I was just along for the ride and enjoyed every minute of it!!

Well, I should take to the road again and head for home: The last leg of the journey is about to commence.  I eagerly await the grace and blessings God has for me as this journey comes to a close.

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