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high wind woes

April 27, 2009

With glorious temperatures in today’s forecast, I decided to wear a dress.  I wear a skirt and blouse most every day; once in a while pulling out a pair of slacks, but today was dress weather for sure.  I chose one of my favorite summer dresses.  It was a great choice, or so I thought.

Only one half of the forecast was good dress weather.  The other half, which I forgot about, called for high winds.  That is, I forgot about it until I went outside to walk for my morning break.

There are a few streets that are virtual wind tunnels in the downtown area.  I’m sure I made quite a sight as I was blown along the streets, my arms stiffly at my side, with the dress gathered in my fists, trying to hold it taut, which is not easy to do with stretchy material.

Note to self: Self, next time pay attention to the entire forecast, not just one half!!!

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