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questions i love being asked

May 3, 2009

I’ve shared several questions people ask me frequently, and I thought I would also share some of the questions I’ve only been asked a few times, but LOVED being asked them.  Most of these questions are from the Benedict children, Joseph in particular.  Here are a couple to start:

Exchange 1

Joseph: Do you still live in a castle?

Me: Yes, Joseph, I do.

Joseph: I remember when we visited you in your castle.

Explanation: I live is an old house, built in the late 1800’s, that was later split into apartments.  The front of the house has a large turret, which is why Joseph and Miriam think I live in a castle.

Exchange 2

Joseph: If you live in a castle does that make you a princess?

Me: Why yes, Joseph, it does.*

Joseph: If you are a princess, does that mean you are going to marry a prince?

Me: Of course!!

Joseph, picking up a photo of me and my friend Josh Gonder: Is he a prince?

Me: Yes he is.

Joseph: Are you going to marry him?

Me: I can’t marry him, Joseph.  He is in heaven with Jesus.

Joseph: So you are going to have to find another prince?

Me: Either that or my prince can find me.

Joseph: I’m going to be a prince when I grow up.

Me: You are a prince now, little man!

That kid is the BEST!!!  He could ask me those innocent and adorable questions over and over and over, and I would never tire of answering him.

*I am a decendant of an Irish prince, so this fact holds true.

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