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prepping for race day

May 6, 2009

Race day is just around the corner.  The Fifth Third River Bank Run is the largest road race of its kind in the country.  The tell-tale signs of race day are all around: the City has dropped off “Road Closed” signs along the course; the tent for the post-race party is standing tall on Calder Plaza; and everywhere I go, I see runners taking advantage of their last few days of training, their faces full of excitement, determination and worry.  One can almost see the questions beating through their brains to the steady rhythm of their feet on the pavement: “Will all this be worth it?  Did I under-train?  Did I over-train?  Will I finish the race?”

You see, the River Bank Run is a 25k.  It may not be a marathon, but it’s no walk in the park (although they will run through a park)!  Not everyone will run the 25k, some will participate in the wheelchair division and some will run in the 10k race or the 5k, and some will take part in a 5k community walk.  Thousands of runners will fill the streets on Saturday morning to fulfill their goals.  It is amazing to see the veterans add another race to their list of accomplishments.  Just as inspiring are the beginners who are determined to conquer the course, whether it’s in the 25k, 10k and even 5k.

What will I participate in?  None of the above.  I am at the race almost every year, and even though people try to convince me to run in the race, I remain a dedicated spectator.  I take my role very seriously.  I stand in the same spot every year, with my Aunt Sylvia, a block and a half from the finish line, where we cheer the runners coming down the home stretch.  I can’t tell you how many grateful faces I’ve seen over the years as the runners acknowledge the encouragement coming from the sidelines.  I wouldn’t give up my front row seat/curb for anything!!

Excitement is brewing as the final preparations are made.  River Bank Run events begin today with a Fun Run for families.  The runners expo will be all day Friday and the participants will take to the starting line on Saturday morning.  And I will be ready to cheer them on as they come around the bend for the 32nd Annual Fifth Third River Bank Run!

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  1. Felipa permalink
    May 7, 2009 7:35 am

    We just have to pray for no rain on Sat., at least during all the races!

  2. Rosario permalink
    May 7, 2009 5:50 pm

    I looove the Riverbank Run! I wish I could be there to run the 5K and join you in cheering for the 25Kers. I always find that day exciting and inspirational!

    Good luck to all you running!

    No worries mom, it’s not suppose to rain that morning. Well, at least not out here in Los Angeles! ;) lol *praying for no rain that morning*

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