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race day wrap up

May 13, 2009

The race has been run.  The runners crossed the finish line and basked in the glory of their victory, while the spectators shivered in the wind and rain to witness their triumph.

Yes, it was wet and cold, but well worth it!  It was thrilling to see the elite runners come around the bend, preceded by the police motorcade and the time truck.   The crowd went wild when the winners of the 5k, 10k and 25k flew by with relative ease.  The first groups of runners are incredible to watch, but also inspiring are those who are just happy to finish the race.  We would watch in amazement as participants sprinted to the end, no doubt energized by the sign that hung over the finish line that said FINISH! FINISH! FINISH!

The best part, of course, was to see the people we were there to support.  Rita (5k) ran by first and three minutes behind her was Mom (5k).  As always, Aunt Sylvia pointed them out first.  In the 10k, we saw Cecilia 2 (daughter of Aunt Sylvia) and Curt (husband of Cecilia 2).  My heart swelled with pride as I saw each of them as they bolted by.

After watching the front runners of the 25k, everyone in my party decided to head home.  The runners were cold, wet and tired.  So I said good-bye to Aunt Sylvia, Cecilia 2 and Curt, to Mom and Dad, and to Rita and her friend, Adam.  I wanted to wait for Emily, but the cold was starting to get to me.

I hiked over to Starbucks to warm up.  I enjoy going in there when there are downtown events.  The place was packed, and it felt like I was in a big city.  Of course, the best part was the fact that I knew everyone working that morning.  I love being a regular!  After getting my piping hot Earl Gray Latte, I headed back to the race.

I’m glad I waited.  I saw Emily as soon as she rounded the corner.  I cheered and hollered for her until she was well beyond my area.  I watched her cross the finish line before heading in that direction to greet the conquering heroine.

It was a great race!  All the runners I was there to support finished triumphantly!  I don’t know Cecilia 2’s and Curt’s times but Rita’s time was a bit slower than last year, Mom’s time was a minute faster, and Emily’s time was about two minutes faster.  Nice job, runners!  Way to finish strong!

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