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family adventures: channeling laughter

May 27, 2009

When I left for Minnesota last Wednesday morning, laptop in tow, I fully intended to update my blog regularly.  As I turned my eyes and car toward home on Sunday, I sighed.  Not one single blog post had been written.  Down time was non-existent on this mini-vacation.  Trying to process the events of the last week was difficult as we went from one thing to the next, much less trying to write about any of them!

It was a good trip.  As I predicted, we took Saint Paul by storm!  Eight people can be quite a crowd, making it hard to blend.  You would think it would be easy for us to blend since most of us are rather petite, but I suppose six dark-haired little people (seven when Charles was with us) and two white-haired men of average height are rather striking.  Besides, we cause a ruckus everywhere we go.  We don’t mean to, but it just happens.

Example: We took a tour of the university on Thursday and stopped for a late lunch at a pizza place just off campus.  Charles was studying for his last exam so it was eight of us – Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Rosario, Angelica, Jeffrey, Rita and me.  We were the loudest table: laughing, joking and carrying on.  The other patrons would turn at look in our direction every time we erupted in laughter.  At one point, Jeffery was telling a story and was getting quite loud.  We tried to quiet him, but this was his excuse:

“I can’t help it!  I’m Latin.  I talk loud.”

To which Rita replied, “You are also half white, Jeffrey.  Channel it!”  This, of course, caused another eruption of laughter.

Our trip was filled with laughter and tears (the good kind of tears)!  Stay tuned for more Minnesota Adventures!

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