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family adventures: the car ride

June 23, 2009

Laughter is a staple of Schwartz Family gatherings, especially when Rosario and Charles are around.  Our family trip to Minnesota last month was no exception.  I honestly don’t know if our lives are really that funny or if we simply think everything is hilarious, but I am grateful to have a family whose enjoyment of each other’s company is manifested through laughter.

On the car ride to Saint Paul, my sisters and I had a great time.  I dubbed them Nav and N.I.T., short for Navigator (Ang) and Navigator-In-Training (Rita).  Trying to teach Rita road directions, finding alternate routes, and how to use Rand McNally’s Road Atlas produced a lot of laughs, but not as many as the other car who got to experience my dad and grandpa trying to use Grandpa’s new GPS.  Mom & Jeffrey said they couldn’t stop laughing.  Dad got frustrated with the ‘darn thing’ when the directions told him to go east.

“I don’t want to go east!” Dad exclaimed.  “I want to go west!”

He went east, and the GPS went crazy on him, or so he said.  And yes, it was the wrong way.  The exit for the westbound expressway goes east before turning west.  Dad kept telling Grandpa to “tell his girlfriend to be quiet!”  Grandpa kept calling the GPS a “fussy dame”.  He told me later that the GPS was pretty bossy.  While the men made a ruckus about the GPS in the front seat, Mom and Jeffery laughed in the back seat all way to Minnesota!

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