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breaking and twirling

July 3, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, Mom, Dad, Danny and I were on our way to the car to grab some dinner.  As we walked to the car, I was on the phone with Charles giving him an update.  At one point, I changed subjects:

Me: “I know this doesn’t mean anything to you, but we are about to walk by the dance studio that is used for Dancing with the Stars practices.” Danny had pointed it out earlier when we had driven by.

Charles: “Oooo – you should break in! Maybe you’ll be on TV!”

Me: “First of all, they aren’t filming for the show right now, and secondly I don’t care about being on TV; it would just be fun to dance in the studio.”

Charles: “You should do it!”

Me: “Do what?”

Charles: “Break in!”

Me: “I’m not going to break in!”

Charles: “Do it, Ceila!  Break in and twirl!”

Me: “Twirl?  Did you just say twirl?”

Charles: “Yes.  That’s what you do, isn’t it?  Twirl?  You should break in and twirl!”

After I caught my breath from laughing, I told the others what Charles wanted me to do.

Dad: “I don’t know, Cecilia.  If you get caught instead of being charged with breaking and entering, you could be charged with breaking and twirling!”


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