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snapdragons and roses

July 20, 2009

My official Ten Day Countdown started on Friday, which means today (Monday) is Day Seven.  I have seven more days of being a twenty-something.  One week from today, I shall enter a new era called “The Thirties”. 

It is bittersweet to close a chapter of life and begin a new one.  The past decade has been good to me.  There were times of great rejoicing and times of great sorrow, but each moment aided in my growth and formation.   A part of me is sad to bid farewell to the twenties.   

But another part of me is excited for the unknown that lay ahead.  The thrill of adventure is calling!  There are new discoveries to be made; unchartered paths to explore; rivers of wisdom and knowledge to drink from; and greater challenges to be conquered in the decade of thirty-something.  The possibilities are endless, and I wait, breathless with anticipation, for everything the next ten years of my life has to offer!

On Saturday, I was running errands with a friend and decided to buy myself some flowers.  There were buckets of fresh cut flowers from which to choose my bouquet.  My final choice was orange snapdragons and yellow roses.  Roses are, of course, a romantic flower, and I have been rather romantic and nostalgic toward my twenty-something years.  The snapdragons are lively and fun, especially the name.  They compliment my excitement for my new adventure as a thirty-something.

And so my life is snapdragons and roses: a beautiful blend of romantic nostalgia and exciting adventure.

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