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fabulously thirty

July 28, 2009

flowers1Well, reader, I made it!  I am officially thirty years old.  I had a great birthday!  The merriment kicked off on Saturday at my parents’ house, where some of my family and close friends came to celebrate with me.

We had a great time!  Even Rose joined us for a short time via video chat!  We just sat around, talked and ate to our hearts’ content.  The most exciting thing we did was the Cherry Pit Spitting Contest.  I lost.  My uncle John said he couldn’t believe my friends wouldn’t let me win since it was my birthday.  I told him that I was glad they didn’t.  I know I can trust them to be honest with me instead of pandering to me.flowers2

Monday, at work, my desk was overrun with treats, snacks and desserts courtesy of my co-workers.  It was rather difficult to get anything done, but I managed to celebrate and work at the same time.  I may be getting older, but this girl is still Queen of Multi-tasking!

I received text messages and voice mails all day from family and friends, along with many Facebook birthday greetings – all of which I am grateful for.  My favorite message was from my sister, Rose, and my surrogate flowers5big brother, Danny, out in LA.  They sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers!  I don’t know how they did it, but it was perfect!  Seriously.  It had all my favorite flowers, including tulips (not a summertime flower), and still managed to look wistful and carefree as though it came from an obliging field.  I loved it!  Like I said, I don’t know how Rose and Danny managed it, but the arrangement truly reflected all that I love about flowers.  Can you tell that they made my day?

To top off the celebrations, I was treated to dinner by my cousin and her husband, and if that weren’t enough, we were joined by my aunt and uncle.  It was a fabulous meal with great food and even better company!  I love laughing with them!  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my birthday.

Although my actual birthday is over, there are still a few more celebrations.  I don’t mind celebrating me a few more times. After all, my birthday is only once a year! And I only have one chance to celebrate thirty!!

my birthday flowers

my birthday flowers

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  1. SSDoser permalink
    July 29, 2009 7:49 pm

    Dear Cecilia,

    Just for your interior record, all the Sisters prayed for you on July 27. I know it was a significant day for you and hopefully one that opened you to yourself in some new way. Live gently with this new year of life coming with “continuous-grace-feed.”

    With vigilant heart,

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