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one year old!

August 27, 2009

One year ago today, I set up my humble corner in the blogosphere and wrote my first official blog post!  Happy Birthday, blog!!

It has been a fantastic year, full of mountains and valleys.  There have been trials, both expected and unexpected,  and vast amounts of grace and blessings to go along with those trials. 

Overall, it has been a year of moments embraced.  I do not claim to be an expert on living in the moment, but I made a conscious effort to do so every day.  I learned to “stay with the pain” even in the most heart-wrenching moments, which made the joy that followed all the more sweet. 

Amazingly enough, the most difficult moments to embrace were the hum-drum moments of the every day.  My life can be such a whirlwind; I am constantly looking for ways to slow it down.  Still, I found myself getting antsy and restless on those long days at work.  At least I have a lot of opportunity to practice embracing the annoyingly bland moments.  I am working on being grateful for them, too.

This past year has been good to me and my little blog.  I’m excited to see what’s in store for this next year.  Thanks for tuning in and I hope you continue to keep coming back for more adventures!!

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