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holy women, holy examples

August 31, 2009

St. Cecilia and St. Joan of Arc, two of my patron saints, have been in the forefront of my mind after reading a couple of articles on Catholic Exchange’s Theology of the Body channel. The authors wrote about different subjects, but there was a beautiful correlation between the two. Both spoke of the responsibility of women to hold fast to their dignity and integrity and by doing so, influence and inspire the men in their lives.

In “Kiss That Frog”, Christina King writes about women’s ability to inspire men. She says,

“Through the inspiration of woman, men “puff up” with courage, strength, and belief in themselves as well as the inspiration to create works of art. They become better men, noble men when a woman who loves them believe them capable of greatness. The words “kiss that frog” is the invitation to transform this man.

There is a scene in the 3rd part of the trilogy of Pirates of the Caribean when Elizabeth Swan is trying to convince the Bretheren Court to fight against the pirate Davy Jones and the corrupt British captain. They were all about to turn and run but she stands before the men and explains to them what it means for them to be men and to stand and fight for something. When she is finished they all cheer and are filled with courage and inspiration. That scene reminds me not only how powerful and courageous men are, but how they often become so after first being inspired by a woman.”

Read full article here.

In “Motoring Past Lust”, Robert Colquhoun calls women on to recognize their worth and to hold themselves and the men around them to a higher standard. Great thinkers were quoted to support his views:

Kierkegaard wrote that, “femininity is a lynchpin of human life; once it is uprooted, the consequence are disastrous” (Kierkegaard, either-or p ii, 260-1). Even more importantly, he said that women are the conscience of men. “Motoring Past Lust” by Robert Colquhoun

Confucius wrote that the strongest thing on earth is a woman and that “Where the woman is faithful, no evil can befall. The woman is the root and the man the tree. The tree grows only as high as the root is strong.” “Motoring Past Lust” by Robert Colquhoun

Alice von Hildebrand writes convincingly on the need and effects of purity for women. She states, “when women are pure, men will respect, nay, venerate them; they will also hear the call challenging them to chastity” (the Privilege of being a woman, p. 90) “Motoring Past Lust” by Robert Colquhoun

Read full article here.

Sts. Cecilia and Joan are wonderful examples of the above statements.  All my life, I have looked to these two saints for inspiration.  Their lives and, most importantly, their femininity have influenced the woman I am today.   In depth posts regarding both will soon follow…

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