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enjoying a tear-drying, death-defying elixir

September 14, 2009

I was not having a great morning on Saturday. I had gotten plenty of sleep, but still woke up tired and emotional. To make things worse, I wasn’t just emotional; I was ultra-emotional. I had to constantly blink back a never-ending supply of tears. Sometimes I just need a good cry, but I didn’t want to walk through the mall, which is where I was headed, with red, puffy eyes and a smeared face.

“I just need some caffeine,” I told Rose as we cruised along the expressway on our way to some mall shopping and sister bonding. “I know the Starbucks in the mall closed down, but there is one just off the exit.”

I sighed with relief as I turned off the exit ramp and dabbed away another round of tears. I drove down the road looking for Starbucks, only to find a building no longer occupied by the coffee chain. I stopped for a red light.

“Tell me when it turns green,” I asked Rose, as I stuck my head out of the open window to examine the area more closely just to be sure I didn’t miss anything. “Nope that was it!” I turned back to the road. “What’s wrong with these people?” I wailed. “Don’t they drink coffee on this side of town?! They’re killin’ me, Rose! They’re killin’ me! Look at me! I’m dying a slowpainfuldecaffeinated DEATH!”

Rose smiled at my melodramatic monologue and replied simply, “So I see.”

Thankfully I remembered there was a grocery store across the street from the mall that had a Starbucks inside. The crisis of my impending death was averted as soon as I took that first sip of a delicious Earl Grey Latte. It was a close shave, but I did survive and was able to enjoy my shopping trip with Rose, which proves that the Earl Grey Latte is a miraculous elixir since I typically can’t stand shopping.

Hurray for tear-drying, death-defying lattes!

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